Saturday, February 9, 2013

YouTube Gardening Channels

Hello Everybody!

I am back with another blog post and this is one is all about YouTube! I watch many many videos and learn new things all the time. I know that many of you also do the same thing and I figured I would share that I watch and may get more suggestions to other channels.

If you watch gardening videos on YouTube, you know about John Kohler and his channel.

  Growing Your Greens

Growing Your Greens is the most watched gardening show on youtube. It's a fun and enlightening show on how to grow food at your home and beyond. John provides you with tips and tricks as well as shares his experiences growing food at his urban homestead. John is dedicated to helping you sustainably grow your own food in your front yard and beyond. Don't forget to subscribe to keep up with all the latest episodes.
John is full of great information and is great fun to watch. He can make anything interesting by just talking about it. He is always talking about rock dust, adding trace minerals back into the soil or simply answering viewer questions. He includes field trips, DYI projects and events into this channel  and he is simply a joy to watch.

Up next is Luke and his two channels. His first one is: MIGardener and his motto of "Grow Big or Go Home." I don't remember how I found his channel but I am sure glad I did.  I love watching this channel and just wish he would have more Zoey in it. Zoey is his cute little dog that the wife and I love.

Grow Big or Go Home!

Welcome to MIgardener! my name is luke, and I love urban farming. I grow with 100% strictly organic methods. I will teach you all you need to know about self sustainablility, gardening, and how to have fun while doing it! virtual tours through our garden, weekly garden updates, tips and howto's, and hopefully you will find me entertaining as well as informative.
The second channel is The Micro Garden. The title really says it all and the description is nice and concise.

A "Little" Fun for Everyone!

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  1. Hi! Great Blog! Can I get my Youtube Channel on your list? I'm a transplanted Texan in St.Pete. I'm growing in Vertigro Stacks in an off-grid setup with a water tower I built for a gravity flow system. here is my channel, thanks!