Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farm Update!

I'm back with another update! There has been many things going on in life and in the garden.

Here is the newest garden decoration that is just hanging out. It looks right at home.

This is the first ripe tomato of the year and there are many more to come. Of course, I don't know what variety this is. I just know it will be tasty. There are many large heirloom tomatoes all around but the heat has not really kicked in to ripen them. This one was just clipped today and will ripen a little bit more in the kitchen.

When making your own compost and if everything is not fully broken down, you may end up with some volunteer plants. I do not know exactly that plant this is but it is obviously a gourd of sorts. There is only one way to find out. I have only seen one bloom on it and it was a male bloom, I need both at the same time to make some magic.

This plant has been mistaken for other things. I first thought this was broccoli but "heads" never started forming. I was going through seed packets to decide what to plant in my mom's garden and came across a siberian kale packet and it looked like a match but not quite. I then remembered that I had an excel worksheet that I had thrown together. The final verdict came in and we are enjoying some collards.

The last shot for this update is of my "spacemaster cukes" and there are many blooms on it but no cukes yet. I've got other plants that will, hopefully, be putting out more than we can eat. I'd like to see trellis full and heavy with fruit.

I will try and post soon with any new developments.

Until next time!


P.S: The photos for this update can be found here!

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