Monday, May 7, 2012

May Garden Update

I'm back with another post to show off what I have growing in the garden. I'm trying a few new things this year. The first major thing is the 3x3 bed full of corn. I found this little furry spider on the corn but was not able to ID it. I know the photo is not that great but it is the best one I got since this is a fast little creature. I checked my newest insect book to no avail. If anybody else out there knows what it is, please help me out.

I am happy with the way the garden is going this year and figured that I should finally share it in a post.

Before we get to the new photos of the garden, here is a great way to start seeds. This is a half gallon milk carton that was cut open and drainage holes were added. I learned how to do this at a class I took over at the Natural History Museum. There was a great series of gardening classes with a Master Gardener.

The bottom three are Nasturtiums, the middle row are radishes and the top to are bush beans. I don't plan on leaving them in here. I will be leaving the radishes in there til they are done but I will try to transplant the bush beans.

I will be making more of these "seed trays". We buy our milk at Costco and one package has 3 cartons and they will all be used. I have many flower seed packets and they will be placed around the garden to attract the beneficial insects.

 Here are 3 of the 5 lettuce plants for this year. I may plant some more between the some large plants to have them shaded. These have all been trimmed down but not entirely pulled. The weather will be warming up and the lettuce may bolt. I know I'm not the only one that goes through this every year.

As amazing as those lettuce look, this is the onion bed. This is a mixture of white, yellow and red onions and are some of the best onions that I have ever tasted. There are way too many for us to eat and some have been given away to anybody that will take them.

I also had some carrots, radishes and beets growing in this same bed but those are all gone. The bush beans and cucumbers have also sprouted and will be making their way up the trellis.

I've expanded the garden to the long bed along the wall here. These are 3 pepper plants that were put in. The posts were hammered into the ground about a foot and it sticks out just around 3 feet. I have loosely attached it to the posts and will keep tying it up.

Well, this is it for now but there are a few more photos for you. I have too many pictures to put into a single blog post.

I will try to be back soon!


The Flickr set for this update can be found HERE!

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