Sunday, January 8, 2012

Farm Update!

Hello out there,

I'm back with another post without photos but I am hoping to have them for the next update. I have been working hard on the farm. I've added more beds but at half the height of the original ones and attached bird netting to keep the cats out. I could use chicken wire but it is more expensive to replace every year.

Seeds were started last week and almost all of them have sprouted. Most of the seeds I started indoors were the ones that my mother in law brought over that had been packed for 2009. I started them last Monday and most had sprouted within 3 days. I don't know how they had been stored before but they seem to be doing great.

While out searching for more bamboo poles, I found large bags of onion bulbs, and more seeds. I ended up buying a bag of red onions, sweet onions and I believe white onions. Seed packets included bright lights swiss chard, brussel sprouts, and a few others.

Not much else to talk about for this update. I hope to have pictures for the next update.


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