Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm Update: 10/23/11

As you can see, the tomatoes are still hanging on. This is one of the handful of tomato plants that are still producing. These specific tomatoes will be cooked and eaten tonight. Many tomatoes have been already eaten/given away but we have no issues with more fruit.

All but one plant, in the back bed, was pulled except for one. I originally filled this bed with only compost and it has been broken down over the season. The soil looks great and will be amended with more compost. I was thinking of moving this bed out to the main part of the garden but there isn't enough room. Some tomato plants would need to be taken out.

I am not sure what I can grow back here but I may just toss in some flower seeds and see what happens. The tomato plants back here didn't produce as much as hoped but I can always try different things.

 I am happy to report that the small beds, along the wall, have started showing signs of life. There are many seedlings that have come up but I am expecting many more. These beds include some greens and root veggies. These are the beds that my dad help built and he's excited to see what comes out of it. I promised him I would share.

There are many kumquats on the tree and they will all be enjoyed. I haven't gone through and counted the young fruits but let's just say that we will have more than enough,. Of course, my wife is ecstatic about it and can't wait. When we bought the tree, it had tons of fruit on it but have only been able to eat 1 kumquat. I moved the tree into a very large container, put it in the shade, and started watering it more often. It's funny how much difference a little attention makes.

The last photo for this week, shows a poblano pepper plant. This is one of 3 pepper plants under the stand-alone row cover frame. The peppers aren't really large but they do the trick.

This brings me to my next garden project.. I am looking to build pvc frames with some bird netting. This will hopefully keep the cats out and allow the plants to get bigger. I can always put blankets or anything else on top if the weather gets a bit cold.

This is it for this update and the corresponding photo set can be found HERE!


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