Sunday, October 16, 2011

Farm Update: 10/16/11

We start this update with a shot of the small harvest from this weekend. The eggplants were a very nice surprise that were found hiding on the plant. There are many more fruits on the plant and we hope to enjoy as many of them as possible. This year has been a little low on the eggplant, especially after last year's bounty.

The tomatoes supply for this year is slowly winding down but there is a steady supply of them still. The pepper plants are still producing as well and still look good.

Here are the main beds of the garden and they are still kicking for the season. The bottom right plant is the massive eggplant I was just talking about. Also in this shot, pepper and tomato plants.

The bed with the yard guard over it has cucumbers, bush beans, and few root veggies. The seedlings seem to be growing fine with the warm weather. I just hope it will continue for a while and helps get the plants get to a decent size. I don't know how much it will produce, or if it does, but there is only one way to find out.

The whole garden is show here and everything is seen. We'll start on the right with the blue, stand-alone, row cover. This one is built with pvc, a few fittings, plastic tablecloth and some duct tape. It is a stand-alone unit that will be properly installed at some point.

More tomato plants and pepper plants around it. Like you just read, the beds are still kicking. The last bed on the right is my strawberry bed and it has started to look good. There are plans to have structures put into the beds that will be used to keep the cats out.

The last shot for this week is the tomato plant in the bbq structure. I have grown potatoes in this "planter" and had some success but this tomato plant is doing much better. Large fruits have come from this plant and it continues to produce. When I transplanted this plant into it, I sure didn't expect the amazing results.

I will be back soon with another update and will be posting more photos.

The photos for this update can be found HERE!

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  1. Nice looking egglants, I had pretty good luck with mine this year too.