Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farm Update 10/04/11

I am back this week with more photos and news from the "farm". Two new small beds were built an added to the growing number of beds. There are sprouting seeds already and more are on their way. 

As you can see, I have cat-proofed the beds by covering them and added bricks to help hold it all down. I am  using an accordion like fence and 6 of the metal squares that came from a tomato cage I took apart. I bought pvc to assemble row covers for all the beds but haven't gotten there yet and this is a great solution for now. 

These beds are 1.5 foot x 3 feet and sit along a shared wall. The other side of the wall is the neighbor's drive-way. The construction for these is the same as the larger beds but just smaller. I filled these with grass clippings from the compost bin and some store bought garden soil. The actual soil is only a few inches deep. I mixed everything and then just planted. I must say that without help from dad, these may not have been finished in the speedy time that it was. So, thank you dad!

Cucumber seeds were also sowed and they have already sprouted. Also in the same bed, bush beans have sprouted. I know it is really late in the season but the weather here doesn't cool down for a while. I have only taken out the tomatoes from the one bed and a 2 pepper plants. The plants weren't doing well and needed to go.

The recently planted varieties have a maturation date of less than 60 days and may give us some much needed cukes. We ate 3 or 4 this year but want more. I think we are mater'd out. 

As you can clearly see, the growing has definitely not stopped this year yet. The bed on the left has one plant that really stands out. This is a yellow pear tomato plant and this one plant has been producing at a steady rate. This bed also houses a bell pepper and a banana pepper plant. This has been the only banana pepper plant all season and we can't keep up with it! We've given away peppers like crazy from not only this plant but all of the green bell plants as well.  I may not plant so many bell peppers this Spring. Yes, I am already thinking of next Spring.

This is a shot of the tomato plants that are left of the season, and these  5-6 plants are keeping us stocked. I gave some tomatoes to my mother in law and a friend last night. We are free of tomatoes for now, although I'm pretty sure that there are some in the fridge. As you can see, there are more tomatoes on the plants and I  just harvested a handful of them. 

We have been blessed with very large amounts of fresh organic produce from a 100 square foot garden, and the season is not really done yet! I plan on getting more intense for next Spring and do more successive planting. I am also adding more beds to the garden and "finishing" up the landscaping. I don't think I will ever be "done" with the garden but better organization is always a plus. I am also looking for more places to put a few small beds around the yard. I am also planning on expanding my berry library. I've already got strawberries but plan on adding blueberries for sure. 

The last photo of this week shows one of the many seeds that have sprouted in the small beds. Of course, I will now include the new beds in the updates and will be sharing the joy with my dad. He was happy to know the progress that has already occurred in only a week.

Until next time!


This week's photos can be found HERE!

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