Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farm Update - 9/18/11

I'm back! I know It has been a while from the last  update and that is mainly due to taking a nice long vacation. This vacation was to Alaska and it was worth every penny. I will be posting photos on Flickr and will be posting about it on my photography blog.

In order to keep the garden going while being away, I put in a irrigation/drip system with a timer and it worked wonders. The plants made it through and produced well, at least that's what my mother in law told me. She was gracious enough to come over and make sure everything was going well, not only in the garden but in the rest of the yard. The lawns also had sprinklers set up on timers and the small amount of rain didn't hurt.

The black hose goes to the drip system and the green hose is for the sprinkler in the backyard. The system wasn't horribly expensive and it got the job done. It took some work to get it in but well worth the money and effort for it.

The strawberry plants seem to be enjoying their new home. These were added before the trip, and have grown to almost twice the size. There are young strawberries on the plants and will hopefully be plentiful. I currently have a small roll of yard guard over the bed, to keep the cats out, but planning on installing row cover with some pvc pipes. I want to not only keep the cats out, but also give them more room to grow up, and shelter from the strange weather patterns. 

I plan on doing the same thing with the other 4 beds and on more beds that are planned. I actually have more "upgrades" that I am planning for the garden and I will probably be doing a post about that.

The lonely bed behind the garage still has tomato plants in it and it is not giving up. The plants have gotten pretty big and are still producing a good amount of tomatoes. These are really green but I'm sure they will ripen up nicely. I have been thinking of moving this bed out to the main garden but I need to remove other plants in order to fit it in and I'm not ready just yet. Besides, I've already pulled all the tomato plants in my main tomato bed. 

On to the beds! We can start with the bed on the right with the yard guard over it. This was the main tomato bed but it is empty for now. I will probably be adding some beans. cukes or even squash for the fall. I know there is still another month or so of good heat and if I put in plants with short maturation dates, I can still get a decent crop before the fall plantings.

The other two beds still keep producing great tomatoes and peppers but the eggplants have slowed down a little. All of the plants have gotten bushier and bigger while we were gone and there were branches everywhere had delicious organic produce. We can't eat all of it fast enough and I will be dropping off a few things with my parents later today. Although, I've gotten my mom into growing her own veggies and she has large amounts of tomatoes. 

There is one more bed that is not visible in this one shot but that is the one with the strawberries in it. It is further to the right, next to the covered up bed. Like I said before, I'm leaving the strawberries in there for now and will see/report how those go. 

The last photo for today show one of the many kumquats that have appeared on the dwarf tree. The tree itself has gotten about 6 inches taller. It didn't have any fruit on it before the trip and it is great to see it finally producing again. I guess all it needed was more water than what I was giving it. It was added to the end of the drip system and it moved to an area where it would get a little more shade. 

I will be back next week with another blog post. 


Here are the photos for this week's update: Flickr

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