Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly Farm Update! 7/4/11

I am happy to announce that the first eggplant of the season has finally been harvested! I also picked many tomatoes and a few peppers along with it. It is July 4th and that eggplant may just get sliced up and tossed on the grill with a little olive oil. I believe we have a basket that goes on top of the grill for veggies. We will give that whirl and see how it turns out.

This is not the only eggplant that will be enjoyed this year as there are many more on the plants. We also have a few Front Runners but more Black Beauty fruits are also on the way in. We will have to get creative as to how we want to eat them.

Up next are the tiny radishes that are already popping up in the new bed! I planted this raised bed using the square foot method and is divided with yute and push pints but I also wanted to give it a natural divider. I planted a few different varieties of radishes along the diving lines and there are more than just these two popping up. I also have bunching onions that have started sprouted and will hopefully put out a good crop.

This is a small plant but productive green bell pepper plant. All 3 large peppers on this plant have been picked and will be eaten shortly. Green bells are only 1 of the 3 different peppers on the farm though. Banana and Poblano peppers and are also producing well.

The heat has been good for the peppers and the garden in general. The tomatoes and eggplants have been basking in the hot sun. I water pretty much everyday. The raised beds hold the water much better now that I've added the shredded paper as mulch. It was being dumped into the city recycling but why not find a use for it at home?

I know I've posted a few photos of tomato harvest on the blog before and on Twitter but why not add another one here? We have so many tomatoes that we needed to reorganize everything in the refrigerator. I've given away tomatoes to our neighbors, my mother in law, and my wife gives them away at work. We have made pasta sauce and will be making salsas and anything else we can think of. We need to clear out the freezer and re-stock it with quart size bags of diced tomatoes.

The last photo for this week is of a tomato with an extra "nub" that decided to stick out. I did not use Photoshop it or anything to make it look this way. This is really how it grew and was just as delicious as the rest of the tomatoes.

I will be back next week with more photos!


This week's photos can be found HERE!


  1. Excellent pics! You are good at growing tomatoes.

  2. Thank you. My wife is enjoying eating them all.