Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Farm Update! 7/9/11

This week starts off with white Swiss chard, which has now been cut down to only 3-4 plants. I pulled about half of the plants out, as they were getting pretty big and crowding each other out. One of the plants had actually bolted, since the heat here has been pretty constant and the plants are going insane.

The chard is actually the last thing still in the greens bed. All lettuce is long gone but I am not sure if I will plant anything else in the area for the fall...we will see. Heck, I don't know if I will put in a fall garden at all. Then again, nothing is written in stone.

Up next is the cherry tomato plant that has stuck around from last spring. It isn't as productive as last year, but it is still producing a good amount of tomatoes. It isn't taking up any room in the actual garden because it is in a massive container, and it will probably be swapped out for next season. The tomatoes from this year will not go to waste and will be enjoyed.

I will amend the soil and will try something else in the pot. Some beans sound good as they will add nitrogen back into the soil.

The three beds are full of fresh veggies and it seems like they will explode at any second. The main thing coming out of them are tomatoes, but peppers and eggplants are not far behind. I picked 2 more eggplants this last week, but they don't compare with the amount of tomatoes we are getting. We are cooking and eating them fresh as much as we can.

This is a tomato plant that was transplanted about a 2 weeks ago from a container into the bbq pit. It is not actually where the fire would be but it is a section on the right side of the pit that had soil already in it. I've grown potatoes and cucumbers in it already. I can now add tomatoes to that list, and it is amazing as to how big this plant has gotten. It was not looking good in the container, so as a last-ditch effort I moved it, and now it has just about tripled in size. It has many flower clusters that will hopefully put out more tomatoes.  I have a small "fence" around it to keep the cats out, which seems to be working.

The last shot for this week is of the plumerias my wife has growing in containers around the yard. They require work, and she is great with details and sticks to the process. I must say that these are some gorgeous blooms and they smell amazing!


This week's photos are HERE!

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