Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Farm Update: 6/5/11

My "farm" not only includes edibles but also flowers and this is from one of the two rose bushes that came with the house. This beauty, along with a few others were clipped and dropped into a vase. The other rose bush is right next to it but the roses are a different color. I can't tell you what varieties, because I honestly don't know and part of me just doesn't care. I will keep watering  and whenever my mother in law comes over, she clips them back for us. The roses keep blooming so we must be doing something right.

Along with these beauties, we have our edibles and this season has been a tasty one already. We've enjoyed some tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, carrots, snow peas, onions, tons of lettuce, radishes and basil.

One of the things we are waiting on is the peppers. The banana, poblano and bells are coming in. This shot shows the bells but they are just a bit on the small to be picking. I grew these same bells last year but I don't remember them producing so much. Granted, this specific plant is in one of the raised beds and it has room to expand. Then again, I've got a plant producing just as much, if not more, than this one. I am thinking the early heat has set these bad boys off.

One of the other veggies we are waiting for are the eggplants. I have two in the same bed as these bells and a few more in containers. I had about the same amount of plants as last year and I remember how many eggplants we ate. I sure hope this year is up to par. There are blossoms on these everywhere and all the bee activity should help these out.

We have enjoyed some tasty carrots already this season but these are the ones that were planted in tomato bed. This is one of the biggest at around 5-6 inches. I believe these are also the full size carrots. There are a more in the bed but this is the best looking one. I hope these grow better than the ones that were directly sown. These were as well, but being in the raised bed gives them a little more breathing room.

I mixed in compost when I seeded the first carrots, in ground, and they grew well. Here's hoping to bigger carrots from the beds!

I'll give the you the bad news first; most of my lettuce has bolted. I have picked off the lower leaves and those will be enjoyed in a big salad later. I had lettuce last year but it was no where near the lettuce from this year and I will probably try more in the fall.

Now for the good news; I will have more room for other plants! Although, I was thinking of letting it flower and see if I can collect some seed. This is also exciting for me as I don't think I've ever seen lettuce flower.

I think I've covered most of the major groups in the garden except for the tomatoes and don't worry, I won't leave them out.

Early Girls, Yellow Pear and Roma tomatoes have already been eaten. Most of them have been eaten fresh right out of the garden. A little rinse under running water is all they need and they are added to salads, sandwiches or just eaten by themselves.

Along with the "normal" tomatoes, I have my tomatillo plant growing and blossoming. Like I've said before, there are different schools of thought as to how many plants are needed for pollination. I am ecstatic to say that with ONE plant, fruit has been set and is growing. I was ready to either yank the plant or see if I could find another one at the nursery but it looks like I may not need to. I don't want to county my tomatillos before they are set but if I get 1 out of it, I will call this a successful season for them. I know I can probably transfer something to that same spot that will have higher yields but where is the fun in that?

On the right is the tomatillo plant but the one that looks like a small bush, is one of my Yellow Pear plants. I love these little ones and this one plant is loaded up with them.

I leave you this week with a tomato that was picked this morning. This is a Roma tomato that grew kind of funny. My wife called it a snowman shape and yes, this is  one tomato. It looks like a tomato that decided to give birth to another tomato of its own.

I shall be back next week!


This week's update in photos is HERE.

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