Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Organic Garden

The time has come for me to bring up the topic of organic gardening. I have not used any chemicals so far and don't plan on it. There are many reasons and ways people go about sticking to organic gardening, or at least claim they are. I've got it down to 3 main reasons; high cost of "organic" or "all-natural" products, I love seeing the insects that come by, and I don't like eating chemicals.

Now that growing your own vegetables has become of the trendy / cool thing to do, everybody is trying to cash in on it. I know it only takes reading the labels for the different products, but most people may not know what to look for. I know I sure don't. Even if you know what to seek out, it may not be cheap and adds up fairly quickly.

Being the frugal gardener that I try to be, I stick to making my own compost in my tumbler. I have also found alternatives to the products to take care of the pest issues. Marigolds sit in small window boxes all around the garden and a little non-toxic dish soap/water mixture does wonders for pest control. Although, we don't want to kill every bug in the garden.

There are those insects that we need, like bees. Of course, we all know that bees are needed for pollination. There are other insects out there that also pollinate and these are the ones, along with bees, that we want to keep around. It is the different kinds of beneficial insects that amaze me the most. Heck, any interesting wildlife that is attracted that I find fascinating. Simply picking off the bad ones is good enough for me and probably will be for a while. Besides, I don't want to taste chemicals.

One of the reasons I started gardening is because I wanted to taste fresh grown produce. Spraying any pesticides on the plants would basically would defeat that purpose. We were spoiled last year with tasty veggies and want to keep it that way.

Well, this my post about my organic garden and I would love to hear what your thoughts are. What do you consider organic gardening? Are there any recommendations?


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