Sunday, June 26, 2011

Farm Update - 6/26/11

This week starts off with a gorgeous lily from the planter in the front yard. There are many plants up there but this is the only one that has bloomed this year.  We only had 2 bloom last year and these are simply gorgeous.

As I've said before, we not only grown edibles but also some gorgeous roses, hydrangea, marigolds, gladiolus, and a few others. The blooms are sometimes clipped and put into water to go inside. It is great to be able to not only eat from the backyard but also to enjoy the beauty that is a simple bloom.

Speaking of edibles, we now move to those because I know you have been waiting for those all week!

Up next is a tiny cucumber that I found. This is vine is slowly making it up the nylon trellis. We've had 3-4 cucumbers this year and I wouldn't call it a complete success but I can now say that I have grown cucumbers. Of course, I was hoping for better results, but any cucumbers is better than no cucumbers.

Although this plant did better than what I thought it would considering I just tossed some seeds in the soil and only just watered. I did mix in compost before planting anything but after that, it was only watered. I will work more compost and "garden soil" for future plantings. I will need to buy more chicken wire so the neighborhood cats don't use it as the garden as a litter box. I am working on a structure / contraption to help this issue.

Next up is the new lettuce that is coming in. Most of my lettuce has bolted and I haven't bothered to take it out. I have taken out some the plants roots and all, but some have been cut out. Using a pair of clippers, I cut the stem and left just short nubs sticking out of the soil The roots have been left alone.

Since the roots are still intact, the lettuce has begun sprouting, again. I hadn't bothered taking them out because I'm not really sure what to put it in its place and I haven't had a chance to really work in the garden lately. I try to keep up with the watering and harvesting but not much else. The swiss chard has really taken off and it  continues to grow. I really haven't had a chance to trim it either.

These tomatoes are gorgeous and represent what most of the other tomatoes look like. There are also many green tomatoes that will take a while to ripen but that shouldn't take too much longer.

I believe these are Moneymakers and have been great slicers. These have gone into sandwiches and burgers but they are mighty tasty just by themselves.

Up next is the biggest eggplant so far but definitely not the only one. There are more on the other plants and we will not have a shortage this year. It looks like we will be able to have that lasagna made with these.

This is a Black Beauty but there are also some Front Runners coming in. The Front Runners are a new one for me this year but seem to be doing fine. These are longer and look more like a cucumber. I'm not sure how we will be  eating all of them but they will all be enjoyed.

This next shot shows most of the plants in containers and ripe fruit can be seen everywhere. I try to pick most of the tomatoes and other veggies when they are ready to be eaten. Everything here seems to be growing well but there is one strange thing happening. Most, if not all, of the plants are producing and they are watered regularly but the plants seem to be wilting. Some branches are completely dry and falling off but they still keep producing. I don't know if this is happening to anybody else. I live in Southern California and the weather here has been warm recently and I may not be watering enough. I'm not sure.

I  should quit complaining and just enjoy the fact that we have abundant harvests and it looks like they will continue throughout  the season. At least that's what we are hoping for.

Here are the main 3 raised beds that are putting out, not only great maters, but also peppers and eggplants. We haven't eaten the first eggplant this year yet, but that shouldn't be too far away and may happen this coming week.

I am completely addicted to yellow pear tomatoes and can't eat enough of them. Poblano, green bell, and banana peppers have all been eaten and enjoyed thoroughly.

The last photo this week is from the gladiolas from the front yard. These came from bulbs that my mom found at the 99 cent store. I didn't think much of them and planted them and pretty much forgot about them. One of the bulbs sprouted initially but didn't get very far and I thought that this was the end of it. I am glad I was wrong and we have now enjoyed some gorgeous blooms. I am leaving them in and hope to have more next year.

This covers it for this week and I will be back next year with more photos and updates.


This week's photos can be found here.


  1. Wow, beautiful. I'm envious of all that fruit. I'll have to see if I get any this year, given this strange weather we're getting up north!

  2. We are enjoying every bit of it. I hope to see some photos from you with tons of veggies. I don't think that cucumber plant will put out too many more.

    I will keep posting more photos of mine.