Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Farm Update: 5/8/11

This week starts with a shot of the sunflowers that decided to grow back to back. I don't know why or how this happened but that does not make them any less gorgeous.

These two have actually been cut and now sit on our dinning room table along with a rose and a small hydrangea cluster in an a vase. It is a great feeling to be able to say that all three came from my own garden.

This kicks off this week's update.

We start with a green bell pepper plant that is growing in a small square pot from the 99 cent store. As you can see, the blooms have started and will hopefully put out some nice peppers. I thought of moving this to a bigger pot but it seems pretty happy now and will probably stay put for the season.

I have some tomato plants in the same size pot but those will more than likely be up-potted. Heck, if I find the space in the garden, they will be planted directly into the soil.

Speaking of tomatoes, here is a shot of some yellow pears. These plants produce so much and I simply love these. My wife is the real tomato lover and she will be mainly enjoying everything else but these. These have a different taste to them and are pretty sweet. I really can't get into the any other variety of tomatoes but I love them. It just goes to show that regardless of your preferences, you will probably find a tomato that is right for you. I never thought I would like tomatoes this much but I simply can't get enough of the yellow pears.

Cucumbers are new to me this season and I am happy to report that I already have my first one! This cucumber has not been eaten yet but will probably go into a salad later on today or may just be eaten by itself.

There were two plants put into a planter of sorts and I was concerned about pollination but it all seems to be fine. I haven't looked into the pollination of these but they seem to be growing fine. I have another cucumber vine growing up a nylon trellis and it seems to be doing fine. This is the biggest one I've found so far but there are more out there that will hopefully be enjoyed as well.

Speaking of pollination, we now go to the squash. These plants have simply gone crazy, as you can see. I  had some u-hoops holding them up but that was not enough support and they are slowly taking over the area behind the raised beds. I also put them in between the beds because I really didn't think they would take off like this. I've had to wrap them around the bed by tying or bending the vines. We will just wait and see how much fruit they set.

The best part is that I think I've figured out what kind of squash these all are. So far I have spaghetti and acorn squash. If any of the butternut made it, I simply don't see it.

It's time for the shot of the beds and these are overflowing with plants. We start on the left and move right.

Bed 1:  There are tomatoes on the back side with pepper plants in the front. There are buds on everything and many baby yellow pear tomatoes.

Bed 2:  Eggplants, peppers and more tomato plants are found in this one. The tomato plants have buds and also have small fruit on them. I am happy to say that I have found the first eggplant bud for the season! I am not sure the variety but I'm only growing black beauty and front runner.

Bed 3: My main tomato bed and the have many bunches of fruit. This is were I put in the carrots in between the tomato plants. The carrots have sprouted and the tops are still small but it all looks good. This bed includes, what appears to be, yellow pear, moneymaker and/or early girl but they will all be enjoyed equally.

We now move to the last large area of the garden where all my potted plants currently sit. This area mainly has tomatoes but also includes eggplants, peppers, cucumbers and flowers. The marigolds are in small containers and sit in between everything. I love looking out there and seeing all the blooms.

This week's last photo is the very early stage of the garden expansion area. I only have two beds in it for now but hope get to six. The area back there is about 10x13 or so. These beds are made with common redwood dog-eared picket fence boards and redwood studs. I already had some outdoor/decking screws and used those. The beds do not take long at all to make and pretty simple t build. I will be doing a DIY post on these and one of the great things about these is that they only run about $10 per bed. I will also be doing a post about the expansion itself but all in good time. My main need right now is what to fill them with as far as growing medium. I am trying to keep the cost as low as possible and doing well so far, I think.

That just about does it for this week but the fun doesn't end here. The link to the photos for this week's update is below. You will find many more pictured that include; tomatoes, squash, flowers and more.


Find the photos for this week HERE.


  1. Everything looks spectacular. Making me hungry.

  2. Everything is looking good, what zone are you in? Do you have any experience growing peppers in pots? I have some jalapeno peppers that I don't have room for in my SFG, but I am anxious to get them started.

  3. @firewoman - Don't worry. You will be allowed to go "shopping" in the garden.

    @Kris I am in zone 10. I started by growing almost everything in pots last year. For peppers, I would recommend possibly 5 gallon pots. It should be more than enough. I have actually read that peppers like being in pots because they like the heat. Eggplants do well in containers as well.