Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Farm Update: 5/22/11

I know tomatoes are the most abundant right now but there are also a few other things coming in. We start with a poblano pepper plant. Of course, the main attraction is the large one in the center, but there are smaller peppers just starting out to the right of it. The seeds for the poblano pepper plants came from a store bought pepper. I cut out the seeds and let them dry a bit in the window. I have maybe 3-4 plants for these and they may be too many but I'm sure somebody will take them.

I don't believe these are very hot but my wife may be the only one here to eat them. I see may salsas in the near future that will use these and the tomatoes.

Our next pepper in line is the green bell pepper. The seeds for this one were actually a gift from my mother in law last year. She found seeds in three packs and this was one of the seed packets. I grew these last year and they are very tasty. I guess I stored them well enough to still be viable as I think I have 4-5 of these plants around the garden and in pots. I even gave one of them of my mom, along with eggplant, yellow pear tomato, banana pepper and poblano peppers seedlings.  These didn't get too big last year but this photo was just taken yesterday and that exact same pepper is about twice the size today.

To make those salsas, one also needs onions and I've got the first one already. I was walking in the garden and accidentally stepped on an onion top. Once I heard it, I  knew what I had done and thought the onion was lost. To my surprise, I hadn't actually stepped on the onion itself, but rather on the top and it caused the  whole thing just popped right out. The roots were still good and I probably could have just covered it back up but the smell was intoxicating. I like onions as much as the next person, but I'm not in love with them. It is about as big as a golf ball and I haven't decided as to what I'm going to do with it.

Our next stop is the large acorn squash that will be enjoyed soon. I'm not sure how it will be cooked, but I am looking forward to it. This would be the second one of the season but it is twice the size of the first already. I'm not sure how much longer I will leave it on there but it may be good for dinner this coming week.

This plant also came from store bought produce and it is producing like crazy. You can actually see a baby squash sitting on top of it.

Time for some greens that look so good that I want a salad now. This greens bed has lettuce blends and white swiss chard. On the right we can see a squash bloom that is coming from zucchini plants.

I love eating all of the salads so far but I know that they won't last all season and trying to figure out what will  be planted there.

The last photo for this week is one of green tomato heaven. These guys are all growing amazingly fast and will probably ripen faster when the heat kicks in a little more. My wife can't wait for these to be ready and she will probably eat these right off the vine.

Til next week!


The photos for this week can be found HERE!

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