Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Farm Update - 5/15/11

This week starts with the latest sunflower in the garden. There are more coming up and will hopefully last throughout the season. The garden lately has been putting out tomatoes like crazy. The only ones we've been able to eat are from the same cherry tomato plant from last year. I have ID'd the Moneymaker, Early Girls, Roma and the Yellow Pears. It wasn't too hard to figure it out and that adds to the excitement because now I know that all there is at least 2, or more, plants for each variety.

We start off with the Early Girls and they are simply everywhere. I think there are more of these than any other but it does not make them any less special. These were pretty easy to spot since I grew these last year and know what they look like. These  get to be about golf-ball size and have a sweet taste to them. These are fairly smooth all the way around and a high producer. Each one of these plants has 3-4 bunches of them an each group has 5-6 each, if not more.

These will probably be the first ones ready to pick and eat right off the vine.

Up next is the second cucumber of the season. This one is almost twice the size of the first one. This one is still around but may be sliced up and tossed into a salad tonight. This is my first  attempt at cucumbers and I think I'm doing fine so far, but this is a small plant still and is slowly making its way up the nylon netting. It is tied to a tall post on one end of the garden and will have more than enough support. There are many more buds on the vine and those should put out many more cukes.

I will have to find many ways to eat these.

Going back to tomatoes., we move to my favorite variety. The Yellow Pear is just one that I completely fell in love with. These grow in massive groupings. Each bunch has 10-15 tomatoes, and sometimes more. I will toss about 10 or so into small baggies and have these as snacks at work or just a healthier alternative while at home. These are everywhere and one of the plants is starting to look more like a bush with buds everywhere.

The last photo of tomatoes this week are the Money Makers. I tried growing these last year but it being my first attempt at seed starting, none of them  made it. I'm not sure on the taste but I am open to it and may enjoy them, who knows? I know my wife really won't care as long as it is a tomato.

I also have Romas that have already but I didn't realize it until the photos had already been processed. I will include photos of them next week. I know they are pretty high yielding plants and they are good to make into tomato sauce.

Up next are the carrots with onions and a small piece of acorn squash. We have enjoyed a few carrots in chicken soup as well as fresh in a salad. When I grew carrots last year, I remembering having to literally dig them out but this time around it is much easier. I added large amounts of compost and it is slowly softening my clay-like soil. I pulled them right out without really doing much. I haven't pulled any onions yet but I will at some point.

The acorn squash plant can be seen on the bottom right as it peeks into the photo. If you look closely, you can actually see a squash forming. The first squash was enjoyed already this week. The vine the squash was growing from, somehow broke off. I think I had moved it too much as it was forming and this was all it could take. It was not full size and wasn't ready but it still tasted wonderful. It was peeled and diced into a soup, along with some carrots. The flavor wasn't too strong but good nonetheless.

This is the greens bed and it is still producing like crazy. The fresh salads are amazing and the leaves are full of flavor. My wife likes fresh chard in her salads because she like the even stronger flavor. I like chard better when it is cooked somehow. I found that when it is cooked, the flavor is diluted a bit but it still stands out and is really good.

The last photo for this week is a shot of the newly filled bed! This is part of the garden/farm expansion. It is filled with only home-made compost. The 5 plants in it where all started from seed and already have set fruit.

This is the same size as the other beds at 3x3. I put different varieties of tomatoes in it and there is one plant per corner. I couldn't let any space go to waste and tossed in a pepper plant right in the center. I haven't added supports to it but a quick run to the 99 cent only store will be all I need to do for those. I plan on adding a layer of grass clippings as mulch to help it conserve moisture and not dry out. I am adding more beds over time and will update as to how that goes.

Come back next week for another update!


This week's photos are HERE.


  1. Looking good especially your tomatoes, I don't eat tomatoes so we don't grow them. If I had a dollar for every person that said, "You don't grow tomatoes in your garden?" I would be rich.

  2. Kris,

    One of rules that should be followed in gardening is, to only grow what you like to eat and if tomatoes fit the category, why grow them? I understand why people are shocked that you don't grow them as they are a staple of most gardens. If my wife didn't love tomatoes, there is no way I would grown that many.

    Just remember that YOU are the one eating from the YOUR garden and not them.