Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Farm Update! 4/3/11

Well, it looks like the updates will be moving to Sundays, or at least on the weekend. I was hoping to keep the updates on Thursdays but it just didn't happen. I will probably be sticking to the new schedule and may do smaller updates during the week. Spring has sprung and there is something new popping up on an almost daily basis.

Let's cut the chit chat and get to what you have all been waiting for. 

The greens bed is still churning out salads every few days and with the heat we had this week, it has been growing even better. Here is one of the many salads we have enjoyed. 

My wife and I are currently obsessed with a specific bleu cheese dressing and use that exclusively for our salads. This week we were able to add sugar snap snow peas to our salad and they were a delight. 

Speaking of snow peas, here are the plants standing at just about a foot above the cage. I have small, 3 foot, bamboo poles I may add to extend the cage but I'm not sure if I will. I know these plants are not meant to last the entire season and I will be planting more. Something I need to remember though, leave more space between plants. I have 2 plants per side, 8 total, and it is a bit crowded. I will be cutting that by half. I know I won't get as much production, but I need to able to see the snow peas in the crowded mess.

I wanted to grow a bush type of bean this seasons and it looks like I am well on my way. I can't remember what variety this is but the packet said it should only be about 4 foot high. I will see how it goes and I may plant more next season or see if any space opens up in the garden. For now, this is just a baby but once the soil warms up, this little guy should take off. 

I think I know what kind of squash this plant turned out to be and it looks like acorn. Although, this is the one I was almost completely sure this was a cucumber plant. Oh well.

If this is acorn squash, it looks like it may be a bush variety. Just my luck right? I was hoping for a vine type but didn't get it. The seeds for this one came from a store bought squash. I will see how these go.

We move on to another plant that was started from store-bought produce. This little buy is a tomatillo plant. These are the "tomatoes" used in making salsa verde. The first part of this recipe HERE explains how to make it. My wife loves these and I figured I could try and grow them for her. Besides,  you should only grow what you are willing to eat. The plant has gotten a little bigger since it was taken. It also has, what appears to be, baby tomatillos on it. I will probably keep this potted for a while as the first one I moved into the garden isn't doing too well. 

I finally filled in the middle bed with more plants. I added two more eggplants and peppers into it. I added green bell and poblano peppers. The eggplants are either black beauty or front runners. (label, label, label) I remember having many black beauties last season but enjoyed every last one of them. I added front runners this year because I wanted to grow a different variety and I like the shape of them. They look like purple cucumbers. I don't know how productive they are but like everything else, we shall see. 

The other beds are doing great with new growth. Many of the tomato plants, in the garden and pots, have flowers. We know what that means but if you don't, it means we will, hopefully, have tomatoes soon!

Here is the table you see every week filled with seedlings. Green bell, poblano pepper, tomato, eggplant seedlings are all here. These little guys have not made it out to the garden yet for a few reasons. The main reason, I need to find room for them. I never thought I could run out of room but I am almost there. The original greens bed will probably not make it too late into the summer as the heat will basically kill it all. Also, I am waiting to see how the secondary greens bed progresses and if they will survive. If they survive, I  may take out the first bed and move in some of these seedlings. 

This season has also brought flowers; marigolds to be exact. These little beauties are great to bring in beneficial insects. These were all started from seed and have been doing wonderfully. I have 3 short window boxes placed throughout the garden. I put them in containers because it makes them easier to move around, if needed. It makes it easier to keep weeds and other things from growing in between them. 

Strawberries were also added to the list of things that we have eaten from the garden this season already. The list already includes lettuce, snow peas and white swiss chard. I hope to add: carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatillos, squash, peppers, honeydew and watermelon. Yes, you read that correctly, watermelon and more. I have a small seedling that is growing quickly and will be in the garden at some point. 

In other news, the compost bin is  working wonders. The lawn clippings go into it about every two weeks and is keeping the bin pretty hot. Every time it is opened, a nice cloud of steam emanates from it. This will definitely come in handy for adding to the garden. 

The last photo shows all of the containers on the flagstone patio. I moved them over there because it was just getting too crowded near the garage. It was making it hard to walk through there. Besides, they look nice spread out. Then again, they will look even better when they start bearing fruit. 

I hope to keep up with the updates on a weekly basis but can't promise anything. The blog serves two main purposes; sharing my experiences so others can read and hopefully learn something from the. The second reason is so I can keep track of timing and what is going on in the garden. I will probably be using this information when I put in the garden next year. 

That's all folks!


This week's photos can be found HERE.


  1. Luis, I love the photos of your garden. I've never seen edible peas with pink flowers. So pretty! Do you have the name of the variety?

  2. Once you get tomatillos growing, they are very vigorous plants that love to sprawl. They'll grow roots all along their stems if you'll let them, and then if you miss any of the tomatillos at the end of the season, they'll reseed vigorously. I've heard that you need two for pollination, but I've never tested that advice out by just growing one.

  3. Lori - Thank you. It gives me a way to connect to of my loves. Photography and gardening.

    Sugar Snap Pod II from Burpee. I found them at Target last year. These little things produce pretty well and love them right of the vine.

    Muddytoes - My wife loves them and I figured why not? I have read about needing two. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the tip, I gotta keep on top of them.