Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Farm Update! 4/24/11

Well, the snow peas finally gave out and collapsed. The course has run on them and they couldn't give anymore. This means we ended up with a large amount of snow peas that will be washed and frozen.  Some of the snow peas were on the plant way too long and they need to be shelled. These will be eaten as peas but should still have a great taste.

Our next stop is the strawberries and these get tastier as the season progresses. It hasn't gotten too hot yet for these guys and they continue to thrive in the pots but they may get moved to a much bigger location at some point. Hopefully this will happen for this season. (More on that later.) I didn't spend too much on the plants, so anything they put out should be enough to cover the cost.

I am very happy to show off the first tomatoes of the season. I have found others around the garden but this is the first two. I believe this is the Early Girl as the bunches on these are only of 4-5 buds and they look like the same ones from last year. The yellow pear plants have many more buds per bunch.

If I am correct and these are the Early Girls, they normally don't take long to mature. The seed packet says that it is only 52 days to maturity and they are already about twice the size of the ones shown. Like I said, these aren't the only ones that have shown  up and I have found more sine. The season seems to be off to a great start. We shall see how it progresses.

This season has brought on new vegetables and that includes the tomatillos. These can be seen on the bottom left of this shot and the buds are popping up everywhere. The plant  has gotten fuller and quite a bit taller since they were planted directly into the ground. I know there are people out there that have said that these plants need 2 plants in order to pollinate. The fruit seems to be getting bigger and continues to grow everyday. I am just happy to see that I have been able to grow a plant with such gorgeous blooms.

My wife hopes to enjoy the fruits off this plant and I hope to be able to provide that for her.

The plants in the beds continue to grow and are showing signs of fruit. The pepper plants have tiny buds that are slowly emerging. A few of the tomato plants even have small tomatoes that will be enjoyed in many different ways. Sauces, sandwiches and soups are just beginning, heck, maybe right off the vine. I do not use ANY chemicals whatsoever. I use home-made compost and potting mix but no fertilizers, sprays, even if they say they are organic.  I just add water.

The potted plants are still kicking and putting out many buds and should be putting out fruit at some point. The heat is slowly kicking in and the plants are yearning for it. I know I still have many plants in small pots and this brings up my last piece of news.

I was seriously thinking of building large planters and put them on the patio but didn't want to cover or damage the flagstones. There were discussions about the pros and cons about the planters but a compromised was reached. No planters on the patio but there would be an expansion for the garden. There is an area behind the garage and it gets enough sun to support growth. The area is between our garage and the back wall that divides us from the house behind us. The space is just under 100 sq ft. and would fit about 6 raised beds that are the same size as the ones in that are currently in the garden now. These would be 3x3 beds and could fit all the plants on the patio and have room to spare. This garden expansion would be done over time with probably 2 beds put in a month. I've got a basic outline for it but will share that later with a post dedicated to this expansion.

I will leave you now with a photo of my tiny watermelon plant. This is in a 3 inch cup and will be moved into the garden at some point. This is a crimson sweet watermelon plant that will hopefully put out a few melons.

This is it for this week and tune in next week for another update!


The photos for this week can be found HERE.


  1. Great update, sorry your peas are all done. Mine are just starting to bloom and I have gotten a dozen or so pods. Next week should be harvesting a lot of them. Good luck with your watermelons, I grew these last year and had pretty good luck, but they just take up way too much space for me so I am not planting them this year.

  2. Thanks. I'm planning on doing another batch later in the season but we froze most of them. They will be eaten throughout the season.

    We'll see how the watermelons go.


  3. Great pic of your little tomatoes. I'm jealous! What zone are you in? I just planted my tomatoes last weekend.

  4. Thank you Erica. I'm in zone 10. Southern California. I got ahead of myself as I started most of my seeds at the end of December / early January. I lost some seedlings but still have more than enough.