Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Farm Update: 4/12/11

I know I say this every week but this last week really did seem to fly by. It's time for another update and here we go.

The garden has exploded with color this week. Many, if not all, of the marigolds are blooming. This is just one of the many gorgeous orange/black blooms that can be found. I have kept the small window boxes around the garden and it gives a nice splash of color between all the green. The yellow blooms on the tomato plants are also the other splash of color.

Everything is loving this recent heat and just shooting up in size. The tomato plants that were put directly in the ground have almost doubled and their little yellow blooms are everywhere with the promise of tomatoes soon!

The Snow Peas are kicking it into high gear with new blooms showing up everyday. We've enjoyed them in salads and just right off the vine. The plants are sturdy and will hopefully continue to grow well. The lettuce is enjoying the slightly warmer weather and in turn, we are enjoying the amazing salads. I just clipped some this morning and it will be enjoyed for dinner tonight. Of course, some snow peas will be tossed in there.

I don't know about you, but I  love carrots. The tops are getting up there in size and are looking better everyday. In this photo you can also see an onion on the right. Those are also getting bigger and longer tops. My wife loves onions and these could also be tossed in salads.

In the "green's bed" we have: lettuce, white swiss chard but I also added some pepper plants. Like I've said before, I know these greens may not make it  through the season and I need may need something to replace it. This shot shows the swiss chard in the center but what you don't see is the small peppers plants between the rows. They haven't gotten too big  yet but I sure hope they do. 

I only put in 3-4 peppers plants but I sowed zucchini on the end of the bed and those have come up. I don't have any true leaves yet but they are looking good so far. I put in 3 seeds because I didn't think all of them would germinate but they did. I am now trying to come up with a way to build a cheap but sturdy trellis to make a canopy of sorts. Now that I think about it, that may provide some good shade and may extend the time on the lettuce. I am some ideas on the trellis but nothing set in stone yet, or soil for that matter.

The raised beds are looking good and it all seems to be going well. The first bed on the left, has the peppers and tomatoes. These all seem to like the bed and are bigger everyday.

The middle bed includes peppers, eggplants and more tomatoes. Just like the first bed, everything is bigger and will hopefully put out some great food. 

The last bed is mainly tomatoes but have some carrots planted in between them and those have already sprouted. The carrot sprouts are really too small to get  a decent photo. I know all you can really see is tomatoes in the back and front but the open spaces have the carrots. I used tomato cages from last year and basically wove them into this bed. The supports for these haven't been an issue, yet, but will probably need more later on. 

These babies all have buds on them and will be providing us with many more tomatoes. I've told my wife that I hope she likes tomatoes because we will have more than we need. She happens to love tomatoes more than anybody I know and is excited about it. 

As if I hadn't talked enough about tomatoes, here is another shot of them but these are the ones in pots on my flagstone patio. Most, if not all, of these also have yellow flowers that are ready for 'mater production. I know many of these are in pots that are way too small for them and should be potted up. I want to see how much they put out by being in small pots. I know they will put out less than the ones in the larger pots or the ones that are in the ground but gardening is all about experimenting. 

I may also give some of these away to family and friends but not positive yet. I would love to build some massive planters and put on the patio to house these. Although, filling these planters probably won't be cheap or easy but we'll see.

That brings us to the end of this update but tune in next weekend for another post. I leave you with a shot of the current stage of my "greenhouse" and it is still full of seedlings. These include peppers, flowers and surprisingly enough, tomatoes! I don't know yet where these are going but they will find a home. 

Until next week!


This week's update in photos HERE!

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