Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekly Farm Update

Onion from 99 Cent Store
Let's get right to it and say that more harvesting has been done but also more planting. Salads have been eaten with radishes and  we just can't get enough! My wife loves being able to tell her co-workers that the only salad eaten at home comes from right outside the backdoor. I gotta say that it makes me really happy that we can say that. It gets us closer to be able to eat all of our vegetables from the garden. 

I am happy to report that the onion sets from the 99 Cent Store have rooted and on their way. The seed trays are going nuts with tomato, marigold and flower seedlings! All of the seedlings in the outdoor greenhouse are slowly getting potted up to 16 oz cups. 

Of course, more seeds have been purchased including; spinach and watermelon. I will continue to start more seeds as space becomes available. You can never have too many plants because those extra ones can simply be given away or put into containers. I will get creative and plant as much as possible. If we have any extra veggies, they can be given away. 

Speaking of giving, we had somebody come over for oranges but in return, dropped off a bag with about 10 ruby red grapefruits. I have been adding a grapefruit per pitcher of orange juice. I juice oranges about 3-4 times a week and loving every bit of it. The juicer is usually being used, in the sink or in the drying rack. The oranges are not only being juiced but also eaten fresh. 

Some of the larger plants are already showing very small flower buds! This is mainly on the different squash plants. I have these plants spread throughout the garden and in containers. There is also one in the bed at the front of the house. I added potting mix around it and it is just taking off. I can't wait for those gorgeous blooms to start coming in. The only thing the plants need now is just the sunshine and we will be eating at home every night. 

Along with the new growth, there has been some construction in the garden. I bought two 12 packs of bamboo stakes. I will be using these to make tee-pees and already made a large structure. The structure includes 2 tee-pees and a place for more plants. For more info. on that, you can check out the post right before this one or click HERE.

I think this covers most of it. The 10-day weather report only shows 1 day with 30% chance of rain and mid to high 60s for the rest of the time. It is California so things may change at any moment but hopefully stays this way. 

Like always, another update next Thursday!


p.s: This week in photos HERE.

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