Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekly Farm Update 3/24/11

Baby Snow  Peas
First off, I would like to say "Hello" to all the new followers. I am glad to see that somebody likes reading my posts. I hope you keep coming back!

I know why you are here and let's get to it. Updates for this week are here and hopefully will not disappoint.

We start off with the Snow Peas as they have begun to set fruit! There are little purple blossoms everywhere and more are on the way. These little guys will be good eaten fresh or cooked and I can't wait for them.

Squash w/ Mini Tee-pee

Next to peas I have moved in a squash plant and put up a small tee-pee. Of course, I don't know what kind but we shall see. I still haves space next to it but I"m not sure what will go in there or if I will simply leave it empty. This is the area where I sowed the first radish seeds of the season. Those radishes are gone and left a void but something will probably be put in. There is more rain expected for this week and I may not do anything until Sunday. Also, it gives me a little extra room to be able to clip the few lettuce plants back there.

Onions, Carrots & Lettuce

Next to the lettuce, the yellow round onions and carrots are getting bigger everyday. I believe these are the half-longs but not positive and full size carrots have been added to the raised beds. Before we get to the beds, it must be said that the original "greens" area is still providing us with salads about every other day or so. It is only two of us and we don't need much. Although, I know that the original plants will not make it long once the heat kicks in. For this reason, I planted a second bed, in a shadier spot, that will hopefully help. I also included some root vegetables and these continue to grow. The recent rain has beat them up a bit but they should hopefully perk up with the sun. The raised beds are up next and these have been almost all filled in with plants and plant supports.

The first bed includes 3 tomato plants and a "cage" of sorts has been constructed. The cage is made with the left-over panels from a set of wire shelf kit. These are those shelves that must be put together with those awful plastic pieces. I found a small box full of these and by only using zip ties, I came up with this. I originally wanted to make a trellis to support peas but since these are so heavy and sturdy, why not try using them as tomato supports. The 2 tomato plants near the edge don't have any support yet but I will probably just be adding bamboo tee-pees.

The middle bed still has the yard fabric covering it so the cats don't get in. The red onions sprouted and are getting tall tails. Many of the other root veggies in there have sprouted but are not very big and the 2-3 tomato plants are still short enough that they are fine under the fabric. I didn't take a picture of it because there isn't much change.

Tomato & Carrots Bed

The most active bed this week is the last one and it is ready for the season. I may need to add more supports throughout the season but  it should be fine for a while. I know I may have added too many tomato plants but some trimming should help.

I added supports which include, 3 tomato cages, a pair of U-Hoops and 2 bamboo stakes. I also added carrots between the plants and added some chicken wire to help protect those seeds from the cats. The tomato cages go almost all the way around but the holes are pretty big. I even tied the chicken wire pieces to all the supports to keep them in place.

My next photo serves a few purposes. One, I love showing my hardworking gnome and the lazy one asleep on the job. You can barely see him in the back sleeping but you can find a close up of the culprit in the photoset on Flickr.

The next purpose is to show off a second cage I made from the metal panels with a tomato plant inside it. I stuck some bars into the ground and tied the cage to it. I don't know if it was necessary but what the hay, better to be safe than sorry, right?

The last photo is all of my tomato plants still in containers. There are more in even smaller containers. I have moved 2-3 to 5 gallons containers and put in some takes to help support it. Along with tomatoes, I still have eggplant and different kinds of peppers still in their infancy. The heat hasn't really kicked in and once it does, I gotta water more often and they should take off.

I am not done transplanting though and I am just waiting for this rain to subside this weekend. I still want to put another 2-3 tomato plants out front. The squash plant out there has had a bloom or two but all male. We'll see how that goes.

This covers the farm/garden for this week and I will be back next week but there may be some changes. I am ecstatic about this last tidbit.. I found a JOB! Yep, you read that right. I will be working for an insurance company. I have enjoyed and hated my 2 unemployed years but I can't wait to start working again. For this reason, I may end up moving my weekly updates to Saturday or Sunday. I may not get home with enough light to be able to take the photos but we'll see.


The photo set for this week can be found HERE.
(Don't forget to look for that gnome caught sleeping on the job.)

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