Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekly Farm Update! 3/17/11

We start this week with a shot of everything in containers and the young plants. Most of the ones on the ground are tomato plants but are some eggplants, garlic, marigolds and pepper plants mixed in.

There are some tomato plants that are already developing buds that will hopefully set fruit. I know it is better to have these in bigger pots and I have some 5 gallon containers but potting mix is not the cheapest thing. I am running out of room in the garden and was thinking of moving some seedlings to the planting beds that are in front of the house. I already have a squash plant out there and it is looking great. I will need to put up some sort of supports but that shouldn't be too much of an issue. I also have room in the raised beds but just have not moved them over.

I have moved some tomato plants into the garden and put up bamboo tee-pees. These tee-pees are only about 5 feet high and may not be big enough but we shall see how it goes. I have the burlap down because there is loose soil under there and this way, the cats don't get into it. It is supposed to rain this weekend and that should help the situation and I may end up moving the burlap.

It would be nice to be able to say what variety of tomato these two plants are, but like I've said before, I need to get better at labeling. We will just need to wait and see when they set fruit.

Next stop on the update are the raised beds and not much has changed from last week. The plants in there seem to be doing fine and continue to grow. It isn't too exciting just yet but that should hopefully change soon.

There is something I am extremely excited about and that is the snow peas. The blooms kicked in as of yesterday and should be producing real soon. I remember eating these last year and loving them very much. These can be eaten fresh or cooked in a simple stir fry. I already have visions of the wonderful salads that will include these delectable morsels of deliciousness.

Speaking of salad, the greens continue to produce and provide us with delicious meals. I don't know how long they will produce but I have started a new round in a shadier spot and we will hopefully be able to enjoy fresh salads all season.  I know it will not be an easy task and will require attention but I am looking forward to it.

There are other plants around the garden and yard that are already showing signs of production. The plant I am 95% sure is a cucumber, already shows blooms in the making. (Note to self: Label, label, label). The photo shows a female flower with what appears to be a mini cucumber, but it could be some sort of squash.  We will see when it starts coming in.

Along with everything that is growing now, I have also started a "strawberry patch" but in containers. The only reason I bought the plants was because I had a Topsy Turvy Strawberry planter and thought I should use it. I dragged the wife to the nursery and picked up a 6 pack of plants for only $2.99. Once home I realized it would just be easier to put them in pots. I had just bought some small pots for $1 each at Target and found them to be the right size. Even with all the pots I used, it was still less potting mix than filling the whole hanging basket.

I remembered how much the heat had fried the strawberry plant last year and decided that putting them into an old bbq pit would help me move all the plants at once. I know I could have just filled in the whole thing and planted directly in it but thought this would be good for now. I may do that later but I didn't even realize, until I took the photo, that they look "happy" in their home. I swear, I didn't do it on purpose and I just used the pots I had available to me.

This just about does it for this post and tune in next week for another one!


Photos for this week's update are HERE.


  1. I love your garden gnomes, and that picture of the pink pea bloom is stunning! I've got to figure out how to get that kind of color in my photos.

  2. Thanks. I'm up to 3 gnomes and considered a fourth. It was a gnome riding a large turtle and it was way too funny.

    I have a nice dslr that helps me with the colors and I don't need to do too much to it.