Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Farm Update!

We start off this week with a shot I love of a tiny snail sitting on a gorgeous lily. I don't know what kind of lily it is but somebody out there may know. Help us out on this one.

Anyway,  I was noticing that I really don't have a "system" in place for when I do these "updates"  but I'm thinking one a week is good enough for now. There is nothing but rain in the forecast for at least a week but that may change, it is California after all.

We are getting punished for the amazing warm temperatures we've had lately. The rain is making much easier for me on watering the lawn and garden. Although, if it was up to me, I would take out the entire lawn and put in a low water or waterless landscape put in. We are thinking about but just don't have the funds for it now.

Anyways, you can for the photos and I'm not going to disappoint. As usual, they have been uploaded into a Flickr set and put into the "Farm" collection but I figured I should toss in some freebies here.

We start off with a shot of a squash or cucumber plant I have moved into the front planter of the house. I'm horrible at labeling and I'm not sure what this one is but I know those blooms will be bringing in the wildlife.

I will end up putting in some U-Hoops or some kind of small cage to help hold this plant up and give me more room to possibly put in more. For now, it sits by itself with some chicken wire that are held in place by bricks. I don't want to run the risk of some bigger critters digging this one out, like they did my first ones.

The lettuce is also coming in nicely and we should have enough for a salad shortly. The weather isn't supposed to get too hot so it should be fine. I tried to grow lettuce last year in the middle of the summer in direct sun. It goes without saying, it almost caught fire the second I walked away from it. There is a small area right next to the house where the sun really only hits it earlier in the morning and once the weather warms up a bit more, I will be tossing in some more greens. I'm growing swiss chard also in this same area and I am very excited to see how that goes. Up until just recently, I had never eaten it and it wasn't bad. I will also like to try spinach and experiment with other greens. Then again, experimenting is the only way to learn. You can always read so much online and get an idea of what to expect but never positive as to what will actually happen.

I am excited to say that I have already had my first mini harvest, three small radishes to be exact. I know I probably should have let them grow bigger but with all the rain coming, I didn't think it would make much of a difference. I've got many more radishes planted anyways, and I am planning on planting small batches throughout the season. My wife loves radishes and will surely enjoy all the ones I've got planned.

Well, I hope these get you excited about the other photos for this week. I  will try to stick to doing these weekly updates on Thursdays and include any info. about the harvest, if there is any, there as well.


Here is the link for this week's photos: Farm Update: 2/17


  1. The lily is so pretty, I know I've seen them before and now it will drive me crazy until I can think of the name. They do remind me a little of Freesia.
    Lucky you to be starting your veggies outside already, still too cold for that here.

  2. Luis - your photography is gorgeous!

  3. Catherine - Thank you for trying. My mother in law has a massive book about plants and I saw it in there but for the life of me, I can't remember the name.

    Donna - Thank you very much. I am originally a photographer but have also turned into an avid gardener.