Thursday, February 17, 2011

My 99 Cent Store Garden Bounty!

3 inch pot
The main reason for even going to the 99 cent store was to pick up some Valentine's decorations to use for the booth at the Downtown Long Beach Artwalk but it sure didn't end up that way. I knew there were a few gardening items but I was in for a shock. I only expected to find some pots, flower seeds and really cheap clippers but I was completely thrown aback.

There were many great gardening items that I would never expect to find. I found a pack of 3 U-Hoops, a small plastic tomato cage, a 10 pack of small pots, onion sets, flower seeds and a few other things. I went pretty much nuts and picked up about $10 worth of stuff but remembering that my bounty would cost much more somewhere else.

Now that I've got you all excited, let's go down the list with what I found and what comparable items are going for.

1. 3 pack of U-Hoops that are perfect for plants. The picture shows using them for flowers in pots but I am using 2 per plant.
Found on Bamboo U-Hoops, 3' Natural for $3.79

2. 10 pack of 3 inch pots that are perfect for transplanting from the trays then into the garden.
Found on  3" Round Green Plastic Pots (Qty 20) for $8.50

3. Foldable plastic tomato cage that looks like it is pretty sturdy. It is just over a foot in height and will not be tall enough for my tomatoes but can probably do well with some peppers.

4. A planter with 3 spots for smaller pots. It has a funny shape but with holes drilled, I just planted directly into it.

5. Onion sets - I got red and yellow onions. These are just small onions that when planted, will grow to a full size yellow and red onion.

As you can see, I didn't find anything like some of the other items but I'm not complaining at the price. There are more things that the store carries but this was all I really "needed". Don't be afraid to stop in your local 99 cent stores because you may be surprised as to what you may find.


Tomato Cage

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