Monday, February 14, 2011

From Victory to Recession Gardens

During WWI and WWII, the federal government made a huge push to get households to start their own home gardens. These gardens were encouraged to help reduce pressure on the public food supply brought on by the wars.

Food was grown on vacant lots, public parks and any available space. These efforts helped the war campaign and gave people the sense of patriotism because they felt like they helped in their own small way.

After the wars, home and public gardening came to almost an abrupt halt. The pressure was off and most people decided that gardening should cease. There is now a huge push for home gardens again but this time there are different reasons.

Growing our own food is becoming the "cool thing" to do but also provides healthier food, connects us with the earth and makes us appreciate it more. There are many reasons that people start and continue to grow their own food but most have the same reasons. One reason that keeps coming up is that it saves money on groceries.

The way the economy is going is a huge reason for people to bring back those home gardens, myself included. Yes, it requires some work to get the garden going and maintaining it but it pays off. Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs are not cheap but by growing them at home will help relieve some of this pressure. However, initial costs for gardening can be costly but can also be done on the cheap.

 There are many ways to garden without spending too much. There are cheaper / free alternatives to most of the materials and things needed to start a garden. Everything from seed starting and planters are just the beginning. This posts starts off my "Cheap Gardening Series" and will include everything I have learned in order to keep gardening as cheap as possible.

I hope you stick around for my new series and hopefully chime in with your ideas and thoughts. I will also be experimenting with new things and hope to learn as much as possible.


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