Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Farm Update!

It may not really feel like it but we are already in February and closer to warmer temperatures here in Southern California. I compared the photos from the last update to the current ones and didn't realize how much everything had grown.

If you remember from the last update, I put down chicken wire to keep the cats from digging up the plants. I've since had to clip parts of the wire in order for the plants to grow through. I was afraid of the outdoor critters getting to them but they have been fine for now.

I picked up a bag of potting mix and had to get more creative as to containers for transplanting the seedlings. I have containers from last year but they are still to large for my current need. I have been cutting 1 gallon water bottles and apple juice bottles to use as pots. The plants don't seem to care but I just need to make sure I rinse out the container completely. I actually made an upside-down tomato planter today and will be posting about that soon. There are more bottles around here somewhere and those will be transformed into some kind of planter as well.

As stated before, I wanted to grow everything from last year and add a few more things. Well, I think I went a little crazy. There are many seedlings and trying to find room in the garden will not be an easy task. Container gardening will be used as well as vertical gardening. Trellises, bamboo stakes, tomato cages and anything else that can keep the plants off the ground will be useful.

I think that covers everything but you can be sure I will be posting if there are any major changes. Like always, I have taken pictures and uploaded them to Flickr for you to see it all and you can find those HERE. I tossed in a few pictures of the gorgeous Calla Lilies that have come back.



  1. It truly has been rather warm here in L.A. lately. Look forward to reading your updates. Great photos, too!

  2. I'm glad you like the updates. Thank you for the compliment.