Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2nd Bounty from the 99 Cent Store!

If you did not read my first round at the 99 cent store, you can find that HERE. I needed more of the U-Hoops and few other things. Well, I did not find the hoops but I found something even better and the "garden area" of the store has gotten much bigger. There were cheap tools, mini containers and a few other things.

Here is what I bought this time around:

Tee-Pee for Cucumbers
1. To replace the U-Hoops, there was a 5 pack of bamboo sticks also at 3 feet each. I am making mini teepees to hold up the plants. I'm not sure how well this will work with some plants but there is only one way to find out!

Wire Fan Trellis
2. The next find was the wire fan trellis also at 3 feet. I will try to grow some honeydew melons on this one and I know I will need to be adding more support for it but I may just wrap it around the bbq pit.

Peat Pots
3. The next new item I found were the 24 packs of of peat pots. These are great to start seeds and makes it easier to transfer into the garden or bigger containers. There was a sticker with a price of $3.49 and I am sure glad I didn't pay that much for them.

Those are the new items I found but there are many more. Like I said before, you gotta stop in and check out your local 99 cent stores.

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