Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Get Vertical!

Vertical gardening help those of us that have little to almost no space. The plants do not always need to be planted in the ground or beds but can also be grown in containers. A trellis or structure can also be made to fit into many containers. The only real requirement is for this structure is that it supports the plant and fruits as some can get really heavy. 

Teepees and trellises are some of the easiest things to build from inexpensive materials. All you need for a teepee is three posts or poles and some sort of rope or twine. If you are more of a handier person and would not mind spending a little more time, there are more options. Trellises can also be made of PVC piping or a heavier material but may not necessarily be cheap. Although, there are places out there that "up-cycle" and may even give away materials. If you are like me and are trying to keep costs low, these are great options. 

The main idea behind Vertical Gardening is to find better and more efficient ways of using your available space. Along with extending the variety of vegetables, vertical gardening also helps grow healthier plants. Better air circulation, easier to weed and more open space for smaller plants are a few benefits of vertical gardening. 

All plants need air circulating around them and having grow vertically is a step in the right direction. It helps the soil to not be soggy and keep the plant healthy. We may need to water a little more but by simply adding some sort of mulch helps cut down on watering. The mulch helps the soil hold the moisture longer but it should be checked on regularly. For those hotter times, we may actually need to water everyday or more than once a day. 
While checking the moisture in the soil, a weed check should also be done. Although, there should not be too many of them if there are smaller plants in between the larger plants. I like to mix in a row of carrots between some tomato plants and it leaves no room for those pesky weeds. There are many plants that can be added in that will not take up too much room. 

I will be doing an update on my farm later in the week and may include some photos that may include my teepee but a quick online search for vertical gardening should bring up many samples. Along with photos, you will also find much more information on the subject. 

I hope this post gets your creative juices flowing or at least gets the thoughts bouncing around in your head. 


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