Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bobble Water Bottles

My wife and I are trying to go green with most aspects of our lives. Composting, recycling, and gardening are just the beginning. Our next step is hope is to get rid of water bottles from our home and these water bottles are a great way to do it.

I give you Bobble Water Bottles and we begin with a quote from the company website.

Bottle water is costly.

 Americans alone spend 17 billion every year to slake their first for portable water.  The costs are not limited to our wallets, either: each year, nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles. Most of these bottles are casually discarded. They end up in our landfills, in our oceans, littering our sidewalks.

We were intrigued by this challenged. We have decades of experience solving design and engineering concerns. And we like bottled water. We didn't think the solution was to stop drinking it. We saw this as engineering problem, a complex question that demanded a simple, intuitive answer.

We set out to satisfy our desire for fresh, clean, portable water while minimizing the considerable costs bottle water imposes on our environment and ourselves. We decided to reinvent the water bottle. We needed our bottle to be recyclable and resilient. We needed to hold costs down. We refused to sacrifice style in favor of function. In essence, we wanted it all, and we wanted it now.

Two years later, we proudly present: bobble. make water better.

Bobble Water Bottles have been making news and helping us lead greener lives. The idea is fairly simple and saves many water bottles in the process. Each water bottle runs about $10 each but pays for itself in no time at all. Fairly inexpensive, BPA free, water bottles that have its own filters and can save about 300 bottles from the landfill. The filters are also low cost at about $7 each and makes each water bottle about 2 cents. Could these bottles get any better? I think so...

Not only are they great great for the environment, they also come in 3 different sizes, filters in six different colors and even multi-colored for kids. There are different options for different needs. Just do some browsing on their website for these options.

I have given you the information, it is up to you to do something with it.


Bobble Water Bottle Official Website

Disclaimer: I have not received any type of compensation for this blog post and have written this post on my own free will.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Like I've said before, there is no feeling knowing that you can and have grown your own food. I just harvested my first pair of potatoes and I am still over the moon. I know I am supposed to wait for the plant to die off and then just dig it all up but I could not wait.

These two were sticking more than half-way out of the soil and were begging to be picked. They are about the size of tennis balls. The rest of them are not ready, so I just made sure that the sun would not harm them. I did not see any others sticking out but added more soil on top. At some point, I hope to add many more potatoes to my cooking.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saving Seeds

This is the slower part of the year for gardening and this makes it a great time to harvest seeds. Seeds packets are not horribly expensive but the prices go up every year and saving seeds will help alleviate this issue.

I started saving seeds a few months ago and still doing it. These are not only meant for home-grown vegetables and fruit but may also be done with store bought produce. It must be noted though that store bought produce may be a hybrid and may not grow correctly. This is why growing "heirloom" fruits and vegetables is important as these will produce the same every year.

There are a few basic instructions that should be followed and may be different depending on vegetable or fruit. I found many websites with instructions and here are some to get you started. If you are looking for a specific fruit or vegetable, just do a search on how to save seeds from it. These may be a bit overwhelming but offer great information.

1. EHow Article

2. Mother Earth - Mother Earth also has a wonderful magazine that covers many topics for gardeners.

3. GardenWeb forum for seed saving

I will let you go through it at your own pace and hopefully get something out of it.