Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Garden Update

I am looking to add more beds and have them ready for this coming spring. The compost bin keeps turning and making some "black gold". The lawn clippings go into the bin every other week and will be used in the beds or pots. Mom shows up every now and then with stuff for the compost bin.

I put up some shade so the plants would not dry up and it seems like it has helped. The soil has stayed moist and kept everything growing. I found some gorgeous eggplants growing that will be eaten within the next following days. The tomato plants are sticking around and still producing but may not hold out much longer. Radishes and snow peas have shown up and growing nicely. I have lettuce also growing in a few small pots on the front porch and may be used in a salad or sandwich. There were some potatoes that were showing growth in my kitchen and I decided to plant them to see what would happen. I am happy to report that I now have 3 growing potato plants.

This really was a quick update and I will be back later with more. The next update may include pictures.


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