Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long Beach Lawn to Garden Program

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The Colorado River is at its lowest level, ever and if it lowers another 10 feet, we will have a drought on our hands. There are many ways to help prevent this. The easiest and cheapest way of helping is to simply conserve water. There are other ways but none that are as easy. Desalination is one of these processes but can costs up to $1500 per acre and causes irreversible damage to marine life.

All of these costs are the reason that the LB Water Department started its “Lawn to Garden” program. This program is in place to help rip out lawns in the city and replace them with water-wise landscaping. Residents are awarded $2.50 per square foot of lawn that is removed and replaced. This award is only good up to 100 sq feet.

Along with helping save water, the makeovers also help reduce or even eliminate water run off so it does not end up on our local beaches. Some of these gardens include edibles and native plants or plants that just do not need much water. There is a list of approved plants and an FAQ on the LB Water Department website.

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