Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Garden

It is now Fall but my Summer plants keep producing and my tomato plants have shown many new blooms. I took out some plants but left most alone and I am glad I did. The recent rain has helped the tomatoes come back and keep producing. I don't know if this is normal, as it is my first season of gardening, but why not try and see how far I can take them?

My original spaghetti squash plants are gone but I planted some new ones and one is now producing. I hope it makes it as I love eating squash. Along with the squash, I grew lettuce and have already enjoyed a great salad from it. I will hopefully have more soon from the same plants but we shall see.

I am looking forward to next spring to start fresh but simply could not wait. I planted some potatoes in the planter attached to the outdoor bbq grill. I found these growing while still in the bag and I wanted to see how far it would go. I am pleased to say that they are about a foot high and buds are forming.

I wanted to grow potatoes because I know the previous tenants had a full on garden and were able to grown many things. Our neighbor informed me that they had grown corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. Well, I guess not all potato plants were pulled out and used. I now have another 5-6 plants growing on the outskirts of the garden. I found these about a week ago and told the gardeners to not mow them down. I am excited to see how those grown and taste.

In closing, I leave you with a new Flickr set of photos I just took a few hours ago.
Find those HERE.


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  1. So great that you can garden year 'round there. I think that here we can grow cabbage or something in the cold months but I never tried.