Monday, September 27, 2010

Going Green

Trash day is once a week and once a week, I drag out the recycle bin, trash bin and bin with yard cuttings or trimmings but not always. The trash bin usually only has one trash bag and my wife and I were not sure why it was so little. Don't get me wrong, it is not an issue but we were just wondering.

After a few minutes we had come  up with the plausible answer. We were still putting out the same "trash" we always have but it was being separated and we now have a 75 gallon composting bin.

Compost Bin
Most of the kitchen scraps go directly in the bin and not the regular trash; including most vegetable and fruit scraps. My mom also stops by with scraps from her kitchen every now and then for my bin. Along with food, I toss in the grass clippings and fallen leaves from the front and backyard. Grass clippings are full of nitrogen and great for the garden.

Recycle Bin
The bin is supplied by the City of Lakewood and is also picked up on trash day. We toss in anything and everything that is made of plastic, cardboard or can be recycled. It is usually full or overflowing every week and none of this goes into regular trash.

This is something I love doing for a few reasons. We have fresh food right outside our door that is just waiting to be picked and eaten. I know what goes into the food and much healthier.

I wrote a whole post as to why I garden HERE.

There are many blogs, articles and a plethora of information as to what is considered "going green" There is also a huge push from many directions to get mankind to do as much as possible to help preserve the planet. We are using so many resources, and hurting our planet with all the stuff we do to it.

Let's take care of our planet so future generations can enjoy it as much as we do.


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